Sinus Surgery Atlanta Team Dr Dennis

Atlanta Center for ENT offers an in-office outpatient surgery at the Dennis Surgery Center.

Outpatient surgery is often the choice of patients for a variety of reasons:

  • It offers specialized care while minimizing disruption of their personal life and avoiding unnecessary hospitalization;
  • Scheduling is much easier for convenience;
  • It allows many patients to undergo medical testing and surgical procedures in the office without the necessity of an overnight hospital stay;
  • In-Office outpatient surgery has proven especially beneficial for individuals who experience anxiety when put in the hospital;
  • Our medical staff, with whom patients feel comfortable, are on hand in the surgical suite. This provides a more personal and comfortable approach to surgery and provides more complete care for the patient. This provides a more personal and comfortable approach to surgery and provides more complete care for the patient.

A Minimally Invasive Approach – Image-Guided Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Once a problem is diagnosed and verified, the physician may recommend endoscopic sinus surgery. Recent advances in nasal endoscopy have significantly affected surgical techniques now used in intranasal and sinus procedures. By using small, specially designed nasal telescopes, the surgeon can see more clearly into the nose and sinuses to remove the diseased tissue. But more importantly, access to a number of areas within the sinuses is so improved with endoscopes that procedures which previously required extensive internal incisions can now be performed through the sinus scope inside the natural nasal cavity. In addition, sinus and nasal disease can be treated more effectively than ever before with endoscopy. Endoscopy can also be combined with nasal cosmetic surgery. As a result, patients can expect their sinus and nasal surgeries to be less traumatic, less painful, and with faster healing and a shorter recuperative time.

Additional benefits of outpatient ENT surgery in the Dennis Surgery Center:

  • Cost savings for you and your insurance company;
  • Patient-centered care tailored to your needs;
  • Easy to schedule your procedure;
  • Less exposure to patients with other types of infection or serious illness;
  • Optimally equipped to Address surgeries to address fungal sinusitis.