I am a physician and have suffered with mold allergies and chronic sinusitis for 30+ years. A colleague suggested I see Dr. Dennis for a second opinion before undergoing a second surgery. Dr. Dennis tells me that no amount of surgery will help me until I get my environment and my diet right, AND that he can help me, and I don’t need a second surgery. What? This from a surgeon???? He spent nearly 2 hours with me on that first visit. He did food sensitivity testing on me, explained leaky gut and the role of what we ingest and our immune system, taught me how to clean up my environment and diet, taught me which supplements to use to boost my immune system, and treated the infection and inflammation in my sinuses TOPICALLY!

Today: I no longer have hives, reflux or a reactive airway. My skin has improved, and I didn’t even realize there was a connection! My sense of smell is beginning to return.

– Dr. Judy Sequeira MD



Microbalance health products are some of the best professional supplement products on the market!

As a Family Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine specialist, I work with patients in all walks of life, some of whom are very sick with mycotoxin illness. I have been recommending the Micro Balance Health Products for years. I have seen patients get well following the protocols, but then I experienced their superiority when I found myself suffering from mycotoxin illness and began using them.

Now, when I have been exposed to mold, I can immediately start using the Micro Balance Health Products and turn myself around in a matter of 15-30 minutes. This is is pretty incredible as anyone suffering from mold-related foggy thinking, inability to concentrate, extreme energy deficiency, like your power system has turned off, and head pressure/ eye fullness knows that turning things around usually takes days, sometimes weeks after exposure.

I have a regimen of using the EC3 products, Sinus Defense, CitriDrops (nasal and oral) and glutathione after exposure. As long as I am no longer in the moldy environment or with someone who has mold on them, I can do my regimen and recover quickly.

I’m so grateful for these products and for Dr.  Dennis. 

Dr. Gena Marie Mastrogianakis, MD


After a massive mold exposure, I became extremely ill, suffering from severe upper respiratory infections, asthma, chronic fatigue, joint pain and swelling, memory loss, and severe brain fog. Eventually, I became so debilitated that I could no longer run my chiropractic office.  I finally found Dr. Dennis who immediately identified the source of my illness and started me on a treatment plan that included both non-toxic medicines and nutritional supplements.  I regained my strength and my health, and Dr.  Dennis taught me how to create and maintain a safe environment, so I would not get sick again.  Thank you, Dr. Dennis, for giving me my life back!

– Mary Margrave, D.C.


Having practiced medicine for over 30 years, I am increasingly aware of the impact that a few physicians have, not only on the lives of their patients but on the knowledge base and well-being of other physicians. The best example of this is found in Dr. Don Dennis. I am proud to call him a friend, plus, he has impacted my practice more than any other doctor I have had the privilege of consulting with. When I first met Dr. Dennis 15 years ago, it was during one of the most trying times of my life, as I had been made very ill by hidden mold. Not only did Dr. Dennis help me regain my health but we also started a professional relationship which allowed me to learn from his innumerable hours of research. He continues to be tireless in his pursuit of understanding the vast impacts that mold has on health. There is no one else like him, which explains why patients travel so far to consult with him. His approach is common sense mixed with a deep understanding of how the body’s immune system works.

He has saved many lives, improved quality of life in countless patients, and has a heart of gold. My illness ended up being a gift, for it was through it that I came to know Dr. Dennis, to whom there is not ever enough gratitude that can be expressed.

– Susan Tanner, MD


I can say without hesitation that Dr. Dennis played a significant role in saving my life.  He accurately addressed the diagnostics of my situation, which allowed for the appropriate surgery and treatment.  It has been 5 years since I began working with Dr. Dennis, and my health has been steadily on the mend. To look at me now, one would never know how sick I was.  

Key to his work is full compliance, even when his direction may seem counterintuitive. Included in his protocol is the remediation of the environment. This was essential to my healing, along with the continued use of nebulizers, and EC3 for cleaning, fogging, and laundry.  Without Dr. Dennis overseeing my health, I believe that I would not have ever survived.  I am grateful for Dr. Dennis and his dedication to restoring health.

– Sheri Schulze


This patient had nasal polyp resolution with CitriDrop nasal irritations. He suffered with chronic sinus infections for 5 years. Steroids were not working. After removing mold in his environment, using the mold removal protocol, doing regular sinus rinses, and regular steaming with CitriDrops, he has been in good health since 2001.